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M. Yahya M. Yousuf Bari (Bari Mills) is successfully running its founding company since the last 7 decades, with its commencement in 1944, in Pakistan.Bari Mills is a leading, home textiles company, that stands with a cut above the rest in Pakistan as well as internationally. We export bath products to leading retailers, hospitality and healthcare industries across the world, primarily to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe.


Bari Mills Limited is a state of the art terry products manufacturing plant setup in Karachi, Pakistan.

We have dedicated manufacturing facilities for Weaving, Processing and Stitching spread over three units which have their own, independent quality teams to ensure all products meet the quality standards of Bari Mills.

Our manufacturing units are equipped with world-class machinery which includes :

Toyota Air Jet Looms.

Shuttles Machines with Jumbo Jacquard.

Warping and Sizing Machines

High Temperature Dyeing machines.

Continuous Tumble Dryers.

Double-Needle Long Hemming.

Continuous Long Hemming.

In house power generation


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